Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Glued to the sky

Week 0. I could have been in Australia and witness the Sydney Harbour lights up. Or  in England and watch the iconic Big Ben sparkles. But I could just be at one point at a time and uhmmm... well my finances forbid me to. I am just in Tagum City attending the yearly fireworks display, though not as spectacular as that of New York City's Time Square Ball dropping, but was grand in its small way and was sorta intimate that it was celebrated at the comforts of family and friends. More than 5,000 Tagumeños and visitors, flocked the National Highway in front of the newly opened Gaisano Mall and dazzled at the neon lights of the fireworks changing in succession that colored the skyline of Tagum for half an hour at the eve of new year 2012.   

CAPTURING THE LIGHT. Spectators of the grand fireworks display  brought out their cellphones and cameras and pointed to the sky to record the spectacular light sparkles at the annual new year's eve celebration in Tagum City.

WINDOW IN THE SKY.  A reflection of the firework at a car window shield, seen behind spectators of the grand fireworks display in Tagum City.

ALL ROADS LEAD TO FIREWORKS. The National Highway in front of the newly opened Gaisano Mall were closed to accomodate thousands of spectators of the yearly Fireworks display in Tagum City.

UP IN THE SKY. All heads were up in the sky looking at the grand display of the Fireworks that's price tagged at 300,000 pesos.

JUBILATION. This photo was taken a few seconds the firework launched its first blast up in the sky that seemed excite spectators in loud cheers and delight. The photo is seen with the mayor of Tagum City, Rey T. Uy (red shirt) among the crowd.


  1. Way to go! :) Looking forward to more pictures soon! Some sort of documentary photography and with social relevance. :)

    This is the inaugural comment, btw. Hehehe.