Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pasapasa pass

Week 5: To date, more than 20,000 school fixtures were already distributed and delivered by the City Government of Tagum to the different public Elementary and Secondary Schools in  the Davao Region and yet there's still gargantuan school furniture needs to be answered and addressed. With the almost daily deliveries, slowly this inadequacy are being eliminated. In the hundred of trips and deliveries made, the school chair distribution have developed a hauling system that is fast and convenient. Students just form a line and pass on the chairs all the way to the intended classrooms. This is the kind of attitude the "Care for School Chairs" Project is advocating and needing - multiple hands to carry on volunteerism works and more countless hands to pass on the values of investing and caring for the education of the youth and for the future generations to come. 

LONG LINE. Students of Cabayangan National High School form a line and pass on the yellow painted chairs all the way to the classrooms. Old dilapidated brown chairs are piled up out side classrooms.

PASS ON. Carefully, the students of Datu Balong National High School in San Isidro pass on the distributed chairs.

HOORAY FOR TODAY. Excited students of Datu Balong National High School join in the hauling by forming a line and passing the new armchairs to one another until it reach the classroom.

ANTICIPATION. As the boys line in for armchair hauling, the girls are waiting in anticipation for the school fixtures to reach their classrooms.

NEW CHAIRS. The new armchairs are assured of utmost quality because its made of timber woods from the confiscated illegal logs. All are polished and painted with yellow that illuminate even dark classrooms. 

THE OLD ARE GOING DOWN. The old brown armchairs are taken out from classrooms as they are replaced with new ones.

OUT YOU GO. Students of Cabayangan National High School carry the worn out brown armchairs out of the classrooms as Tagum City Mayor, Rey T. Uy, look at the background. The old armchairs are sent to Tagum City  Motorpool fabrication section for repair.

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