Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Week 7.  Love is a lot of suspension of disbelief -- that according to a Manila radio jock that I totally agree.   Hold your horses guys, its not actually cynical but instead, its a romantic thought. People in love are in a state of euphoria thinking that their love would work and dispatching the idea that it would fail. Love is a leap of faith - hoping all the best there is... even if the world forbids. In this heart's month, when cupid is fully booked, Tagum City is surrounded with hearts and love on all corners that would hopefully spill over throughout the entire year. The set of photos radiate the hidden romantics in all of us - from fun run to school King and Queen coronation to Kasalang Bayan.

SEALED WITH A KISS. Newly wed couples lock lips to seal their union at the Valentine's day Tagum City Kasalang Bayan.

CONGRATULATIONS! 69 couples are wed in a Valentine's day Kasalang Bayan as officiated by Tagum City Mayor, Rey T. Uy.

FAMILY PORTRAIT. Pandemonium broke when the Kasalang Bayan ended as families of the newly weds busy themselves taking and posing pictures as keepsake to the union.

UP. Blown by the morning wind,  a balloon vendor look up to his heart shape balloons printed with endearments, as it is selling like hot cakes in valentine's day.

HEARTS FOR ALL. Run of Love Fun Run runners jam for a string with heart intended for the sweethearts and couples category of the run.

RUN LOVE RUN. A couple arrive together during a Run of Love Fun Run season 2 as organized by the University of Mindanao Alumni - Tagum campus.

FAMILY AFFAIR. Starting them young, families with their kids join in the Run of Love Fun Run in the cold morning of February 12, 2012.

PICTURE! PICTURE! Imelda Elementary School of Tagum, one of the most populated schools in the City conducts a King and Queen coronation rites for its selected students during valentine's day.

FLOWER WOMAN. A flower shop owner at the Flower section of the Tagum Trade Center rush the arrangement of flowers and ribbon on a vase.

TAKE A PICK. Though pricey, heart balloons and flower bouquets are preferred gifts on valentine's day.

HOW MUCH IS THE HEART. A laced small heart pierced with a stick to look like lollipop are sold along side balloons and flowers.

LOVE STUFF. How could a love one resist a cute bear stuff toy and a bunch of red roses for a Valentine gift? Tell me...

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