Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Week 8. The ambitious and grandiose opening salvo on the strings of revelries celebrated in the City of Tagum which is the Musikahan sa Tagum Festival, the longest running music-centered extravaganza that gathers the best performers in the country in the plucked-strings, choral groups and brass band once again opens its doors to the world and solidifies understanding and harmony through the power of rhythm and harmony. Like echo to sound, the festival reflects and mirrors Tagumeños' love for music and its aggressive stance to share it to the rest of the world via the internet as it tapped IT Institutions to utilize cyberspace for promotion and knowledge production. Indeed, Musikahan has come a long way. For once last year it hosted the 3rd International Rondalla Festival and was participated by 16 foreign countries. Next year, it will go international again by including the highly anticipated  Asia-Pacific Choral group competition.  

GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE. Good weather mostly greeted mornings of the Musikahan week including this day during the Drum, Lyre and Bugle Corps competition. 

CHORAL CORE. Performers of the Himig Handog Choral Competition.

THE GLASS WALLS.  The state of the art new Tagum City Hall standing as a modern glass house can let one see the inside from outside and vice versa.

HERALD OF HONOR. The winning maestro of the Brass band competion as he is recognized at the Musikahan stage with Alma L. Uy, the Musiakahan Chairperson, together with the distinguished judges.

SYMMETRY & HARMONY. The entrance of the New City hall with the intricately decorated ceiling.

WALL-E. A Disney and Pixar inspired booth by the University of Mindanao Tagum Campus repeatedly showing the 2008 computer-animated post-apocalyptic science fiction film Wall-E.

FLAGS OF UNITY. Flags in different colors bearing the Musikahan sa Tagum Festival logo line up in-front of the new City Hall.

MARCHING BANDS. Drums and brass instruments break the monotony of engine and horn noise as Marching Bands lorded the  streets of Tagum going to the new City Hall grounds. 

GUITAR MAN. Especially made Musikahan symbolisms are scattered throught the Musikahan venue .

TRUMPETER. Soaked in sweat, a boy blows his horn while making moves and maneuvers during the Musikahan street parade.

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