Thursday, March 8, 2012


Weeks 9. Sin has weight. Every time we commit sin in thoughts, words and deeds are transformed into heavy baggage that we carry around our daily lives. The accumulated weights, for Christians,  a metamorphosis of a brick that akin to sin are heavy and hollow - meant to be extinguished and destroyed.  Infusing new element that is different from the methods of most Churches  but relevant and appealing to  the younger generation today, the World Impact Tour brought the international group Team Xtreme to Tagum City as performers (crushing piles of bricks, bending bars, pulling huge vehicles, ect.) and at the same time evangelists in one of the 3 nights staging of the tour. Team Xtreme, all muscled men, have once bricks in their lives but they've crushed it all a long time ago, not by their physical strengths, but by their choices of  following an honest and moral lives. 

PILING BRICKS. A member of the World Impact Tour piled precisely the brick that will be used in the evenings stunts and performances.

PREPPING FOR THE BIG NIGHT. The ill fated bricks will be crushed in the evening's performances as a tangible representation of SIN. 

CRUSHED. A 7- high brick pile are crushed by bare hands with a single blow.

FLAMING BRICKS. Adding spectacle to the performances, the bricks are set aflame before being slammed by bare hand. 

AIR HEAD. Tough rubber bag is blown by a member of the Team Xtreme until it burst.

SPINNING IN CIRCLES. Volunteer kids from the audience are made to hold the bar and lifted for a spin.

BREAKING GRIP. No one had ever broke the hand grip of a member of the Team from the Kingdom of Tonga, not even these trains of challengers.

BENDING BARS. With sheer strength, a FilAm member of the Team bends the twin bars using his hands and head.

A CLOSER LOOK. The audience get near the stage for a closer look and intimate interaction and with the Team.

LIFT UP YOUR HANDS. A prayer is offered at the end of the night's show, a renewed commitment to the Creator above.

INTIMATE MOMENT. A girl caught in an intimate prayer among the crowd.

YELLOW TAPE. A caution cord is installed to limit audience from entering the performance ground.

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