Monday, March 19, 2012

Running to the fire

Week 11. My teacher cautioned me back in primary class, as part of the fire prevention drills, to run away from any fire - burning houses and buildings, that is.  But I guess the recent big fire at the lumber section of Tagum's Public Market made me not a good student in class after all. Together with the multitudes of curious bystanders, I rushed to the site hoping to get a closer look of the fire. The traffic was jammed, people were coming from all directions, thick black smoke covered the afternoon sky and the wail of the firetruck siren from time to time escalate for everyone to notice. But I came a little late. The fire was almost put down and contained. I  guess its a good thing. But what startled me were the presence of children as spectators so near the fireman fighting the fire. What if something explode and pandemonium broke creating a stampede? Who's to blame then? Certainly not my teacher in grade school cautioning me to run AWAY from the fire.

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