Sunday, May 27, 2012

Flowers of May

Week 20: At the bloom of flowers in May, the springwell of beauty gushed forth as well. This is much exemplified by the century old tradition of elegance and majesty called the Santacruzan. The grand gala of beautiful women paraded all over is representing the Mother Virgin Mary in different biblical  personifications. Processioned in Filipino fashion extravagance, the Sagalas were made to impress, proving they're the finest choice in town. Aside from the flamboyant revelries, Flores de Mayo is also the time when little children got to wear wings and play angels singing the Marian Hymn Salve Regina in chorus.  Flowers may wilt by the end of its season but this May religious tradition will  spring eternal as long as Catholic faith refuses to die down. Here are photos showing Tagum City's version of Flores de Mayo.

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