Friday, June 1, 2012

Alternative learning

Week 21: I grew up thinking that education is tantamount to the four corners of the classroom - that learning can be acquired through formal teaching alone. But this idea is challenged when after graduation and settling for a first job, everything i needed to know are not really taught in school and that the essential things I've learned were  attained through alternative ways (books, tv shows, radio programs, internet sites, demoes, movie flicks, conversations, etc.). It becomes a shared experience to all of us that the world is large enough to be confined only to the conventional classroom settings. This made it legitimate the adoption of the Alternative Learning System (ALS) that's long been implemented by the Department of Education to the Philippine Educational System to cater to the out of school youths and adults that don't have access to basic education. Mobile teachers were deployed to unusual territories to bring the school to the under-privileged (jail, public market, remote barangays, etc.). Here are photos of the Instructional Managers (IM) of the Bureau of Alternative Learning System (BALS) as they convened in Tagum City for its National Training on Survival Skills dubbed as "ALS FEAR FACTOR".

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