Friday, June 15, 2012

Philippine independence

Week 23: There is this parable by the then Senator Juan Flavier on his regular column on Manila Bulletin that amused me at first but when it sunk in, hit me in the face with a hard blow. The parable goes like this. In a small town that is called the Philippines, town folks gathered around in an assembly, pondering strategies on how could the town rise from the quagmire of debt and poverty. Out of nowhere, a radical idealist suggested, why not wage war with another town called the United States, for it is sure that the town would not stand a chance and lost the war. With it, the town will be a colony of the victor and  will become a territory of the US. Peso will become Dollar and town folks will be living in the land of the milk and honey. Everyone seemed to rejoice to the brilliant master plan but a very old man cut short the jubilation. The old man ask, "what if the town wins against the US? What will they do?"
Have we Filipinos free ourselves from the bondage of colonial mentality already? Here are photos of the 114th Independence day celebration in Tagum City.

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