Sunday, June 24, 2012

In search of art

Week 24: For the record, Tagum has no art gallery. A sad plight but nobody seems to notice and care. This would mean zero venue for visual artists to showcase their work of art to art buyers and collectors. In turn Tagum artists would either go to Davao City for exhibits or wait for the once a year Manila-based Kalinawa Foundation's exhibit that's now becomes a festival adapted every month of November in the city. I for one is an avid art aficionado, appreciating and paying much respect to the country's painters and sculptors, well aside of course to some photographers that I look up to. In my pursuit of art, or to better put, craving for the visual art, I found my self going gallery hopping in the art haven concrete jungle Metro Manila and making a quick stop in Angono, Rizal, the Art Capital of the Philippines that is home to National Artist Carlos " Botong" Francisco. I am thanking the Manila Art Blogger for the head start.

Street Mural. One of the painting of Botong Francisco made into a wall mural by Angono artist at Brgy. poblacio Itaas street that is adorned all over as a tribute to the Kababayan National Artist .

High and Dry. Art seemed a part of the ordinary lives of Angono resides, a feat that is yet replicated in the rest of the localities in the country today.

Remebered Generation. The master pieces of Botong Francisco are immortaized at the walls along the street of Brgy.  Poblacion Itaas where the National artist once lived.

Sari-sari Art. Botong Francisco's painting murals can also displayed at small neighborhood store.
Second Gallery. The inside of Botong Francisco Gallery that is managed by artist grandson Second Francisco.
Painting No More. The the Scond Gallery, you can not see any single painting of Botong Francisco. The least that it could offer are books and some printed replica of the large scale paintings of the National Artist. 
Botong Everywhere. The name of the National Artist is plastered in most of the walls.
Finale Fine Art Gallery. Anything from childhood that's assembled in an artistic and playful way.
Finale Fine Art Gallery. This is an invitation, it seems.
Manila Contemporary Gallery. The replicated artist work area curated to visualize the artist space.
Silverlens Gallery. A collection of weirdly framed or cropped photographs by the artist through all her travels here and abroad.
I was here. A guest book at the entrance of Silverlens, that is also present in every galleries and museums.

Avellana Gallery. An art installation made from the plastic tagging of  brand new shirts.

Art Informal Gallery.A collection of realist art works depicting a boy enjoying the waters at the pool.

Galleria Dumella. Soot art by Junyee collectively entitled Dark Matters.

Tin-aw Art Gallery. a wide-scale painting from an Overseas worker artist showing the story og Pinoys abroad which are seldom became the 'usual suspects'.

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