Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Kadayawan in technicolors

Week 32: This is the 5th year in a row that i participated in the street dancing revelries of Davao City's Kadayawan festival, capturing the sight and sounds in snapshots. It has become an acquired duty to take part in the yearly celebration, making sure that the calendar is marked with the date every month of august. Even if I lost most of my digital copies of the previous Indak-indak sa Kadalanan Kadayawan because my desktop got reformatted, I could still remember in retrospect the colors and motion converging in beautiful turbulence, pulsating to indigenous beats and screaming in unison the proud Mindanaoan spirits for all the world to hear. The Festival is a celebration of Davao City's harmony in diversity, bringing into the heart of the city the different tribes in one great vibe. In the plethora of photographers from all over the country, I negotiated my way in the crowd to get a better shot.   

Rush of gold

Basket of revelries

Eagles' shout

Fruits of the festival

Prism of colors 

Paint me colors

Horray of jubilation

Waves of colors

Hats off everyone

Fisherfolk's dance

Emotions of Kadayawan

Turns of the times

Stories of the festival

Flight of the eagles

Like waves and wind

The colors that captivate me

Flower of grace

If I'm a giant, it could have been easier.

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