Friday, August 10, 2012

Back to the basics

Week 31: Futsal or indoor football has now set foot in Tagum City. The game, being a variant of football, mostly played indoors, has been around since the 80's. Out shone by the more popular football, it takes a long while for the game to be introduced in the city. Unlike football which requires more running, Futsal with its smaller playing ground (appropriate for little kids), rentails more of the player's skills and strategies. According to the Futsal league organizer, they would recommend beginners to undergo first Futsal before elevating to the wider field of football, not the other way around. In its move to discover superstars in football, the city government in partnership with the Maharlika Group and the Australian Football Association, conducted a Futsal clinic to kid booters in the different barangays of Tagum City and later on organizie a Mindanao-wide league in the future. 

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