Sunday, April 1, 2012


Week 13. A school graduation rite just made it official, the group or say, class for this one, to which an individual belongs to, finally dismembered. For years, because of age brackets, proximity, preferences, aptitude and  financial capabilities most of the studying population are clustered this way. A tangible and clear stage of  the human learning experience and part of the human development, is that knowledge acquired are gradually earned by the school system's grade levels. Whichever we like our classmates (or not), there is no denying that in some point in time, we belong to this crazy groups.  To any graduating class that will be busy chasing dreams and other just bumming around, aside from the lessons learnt, what one certainly would remember were the close bonds forged in the years of learning together. Graduations are also called commencement exercises probably because its also a start of another higher learning process and another group people to belong to. To the Graduating Class of 2012, Good luck and more Power!

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