Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tree for the future

Week 25: There is this published photo by veteran  Cebu-based photojournalist Tonee Despojo of Cebu Daily News that's so ordinary, you could even comment on its bad framing and out of balance shot. What made it interesting though is the story behind the picture. It's a photo of a bus leaning on a tree in a steep cliff and a grinning old man oddly appeared on the right most portion of the photo. Well here's the story. The bus was actually filled with students for a field day when the engine broke down. Going uphill, the bus stopped and started to go downward and headed to the cliff. If it's not for the large pine tree growing not far down the cliff, the bus could have fallen straight the ravine. Then why is the old man grinning in the picture? He just happened to be the one who planted the said pine tree 37 years ago. Planting a tree could not necessarily save a bus full of people but it will definitely someday save a generation. Here are photos taken during the National Arbor Day and the Earth fest celebration in Tagum City.

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