Sunday, July 15, 2012

In their time

Week 28: There would come a time when we are green with envy to children and their care-free and worry-less lives.   Sometimes, we would dream of not growing up or of a time machine that would send us back in time. There is this certain thing that we wished we could be children again and have the childhood that we once had. I can't  really explain it but magic do happen in childhood. I don't know what's in rainy days that have us running outside and take a dip at water runoffs deposited at a corner of the basketball court. I don't know what's up in  mango trees that made us climb to have our afternoon baons (lunch) on break times in school. Every thing seemed sweeter, everything seemed happier then. As we grow older, responsibilities also come with it with weights of worries and doubts clinging to it.  I guess the answer is simple. We are just making simple things complicated.

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