Sunday, July 15, 2012

Voluntary demolition

Week 27: Only in Tagum City that you find informal settler's voluntarily themselves urge the local government to demolish or dismantle their houses and not the other way around.  Unlike in other big metropolis where demolition activity spelled chaos and  violence, Tagum's always went bloodless and smooth.  This is so true because before they were moved out their places, it is made sure that a strategic relocation area is provided with well paved road, drainage and is near to institutions like schools and workplace. Manpower were  deployed to help in the dismantling of houses and salvage good materials that could still be used in building up new ones. Transportation services were provided to facilitate efficient transfer of displaced residents. Construction materials were also awarded like hollow blocks, cement, lumbers, galvanized irons that are enough to build a decent comfortable house. These were done because these people lived in geo-hazard zones like coastal areas, rivers and creeks where there are frequent flooding, thereby eliminating risk and ensuring safety. Relocation were also done to residents who were affected by road widening schemes of the city government.  These informal settlers according to the local chief executive, are the backbone of the city and the spring well of human resource that keep spin local businesses and the economy.

Dismantling of a house at BAEX area at Barangay Magugpo Poblacion.

Hit that X spot. Dismantling of houses at Apokon Road.

People were provided by the local government to help in the smooth dismantling of houses.

Utmost care is executed in the dismantling of houses to salvage more good building materials that could be used in making new ones in relocation area.

A Garinan resident readying for a relocation transfer at Ega Uy site.

Vehicles are provided to facilitate safe transfer of furniture, electronic devices and other important belongings. 

The bayanihan spirit.

The bayanihan spirit.

Road construction underway at the relocation site.

Assembly of the newly relocated residents for a meeting about the mechanics on the installation of electrification at Ega Uy relocation site.

Ega Uy relocation site at Barangay Madaum, one of the coastal areas in Tagum City.

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